ONE’s & TWO’s

The curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child’s development: intellectual, emotional, social, and physical. It stimulates creativity and fosters a positive self-image. Dramatic play, creative art, simple group games, fingerplays, movement and other activities help the children develop concepts and skills as they have fun. The program is flexible enough to allow the teachers to adapt it to the individual needs of each child. Along with a safe and loving environment each child is encouraged to grow and learn at their own rate.

Problem solving and small motor skills are developed through activities involving blocks, puzzles, age appropriate toys, and art projects that promote learning and discovery. Special programs and entertainment are available in our elevated seating theater/auditorium.


This program facilitates the development of the whole child- social, intellectual, emotional, and physical – through developmentally appropriate activities. Music, art, manipulatives, dramatic play, science and books are just a part of our daily schedule. Our program also develops important character traits, such as friendship and cooperation, that will help the children throughout their lives.

Gymnastics, computer classes and dance classes are extracurricular activities offered at Children’s Park Learning Center. Special programs and entertainment are presented in our elevated seating theater/auditorium.

A custom outdoor playground helps develop the large motor skills. Our indoor gym is available for play during inclement weather. A healthy hot meal and two nutritious snacks are provided daily. Breakfast is also available. Following our lunch, we have a rest time.

Our goal is to determine the best possible curriculum that meets each individual child’s needs. Along with the love and care of our teachers, we provide an environment that nurtures each child and helps foster a positive self-image.

Pre K

Four-year-olds love to learn—especially when they are taught with the Christian based A Beka Book Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Program. Students are given a solid learning foundation in an enjoyable Christian atmosphere. This gives them a desire to continue learning.

The curriculum at Children’s Park Learning Center also includes weekly Music classes. Computer, dance and gymnastics classes are extracurricular activities offered at Children’s Park Learning Center. An outdoor playground is a favorite along with our large indoor gym for play during inclement weather.

Special programs and entertainment are presented in our elevated seating theater/auditorium. During the summer months, the swimming pool is a popular place to keep cool. Swim instructions are available.

We are constantly striving to determine the curriculum that best meets each individual child’s needs. Our teachers provide a safe, loving, and caring environment so that each child will be free to grow and develop a positive self-image.


The infant program is designated to establish a bond of trust with your baby, as well as provide a safe and nurturing environment. Our teachers work to develop your baby’s cognitive, emotional, and physical growth by playing, singing, cuddling, and reading with your baby. The in Infant room provides a warm, secure, and healthy atmosphere or early childhood learning.


During the school year we provide before and after school care for children ages 5-12. Transportation is available to Rockwall ISD schools. We offer full-day childcare for after-school children during school holidays, in-service days and summer months. We provide a large variety of activities for our school-age children. Outdoors they love the professional-size soccer goals and playing field. Adjacent to the playground are basketball courts and goals. During inclement weather, our indoor gym offers basketball and other activities. We also offer an I-pad lab with the latest games and educational materials. Our summer months and holidays are filled with fun, exciting, and educational field trips.