Our Curriculum

The A Beka Curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child’s development: intellectual, emotional, social, and physical. It stimulates creativity and fosters a positive self-image. Dramatic play, creative art, simple group games, fingerplays, movement and other activities help the children develop concepts and skills as they have fun.

The program is flexible enough to allow the teachers to adapt it to the individual needs of each child. Along with a safe and loving environment each child is encouraged to grow and learn at their own rate. Problem solving and small motor skills are developed through activities involving blocks, puzzles, age appropriate toys, and art projects that promote learning and discovery.

Reading is taught through the use of phonics. Their reading vocabulary naturally grows with each new sound learned.

In mathematics students will learn to count and recognize numbers 1-100. Addition concepts are taught up through the sum of 10, and beginning subtraction concepts are introduced. Students also learn to work with telling time and money.

Students learn cursive writing in a program that is correlated with their phonics. As they learn to recognize the letters of the alphabet and learn what sound they make, they also learn to write them. Later they learn to write blends, words, and sentences.

During Skills Development, students learn visual perception skills, motor coordination, and listening/thinking skills. During Activity Time, they enjoy music, art, and a unit on Community Helpers, an introduction to American history and geography and a chance to meet people living in other countries. During Language Enrichment, the children learn about positional words and opposites, rhyming words and analogies, drama, and poetry. They will also get a chance to share their experiences and ideas during “Telling Time.”

Fun at Children’s Park North

  • Commercial grade playground equipment for all ages
  • Theater/Auditorium with elevated seating
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts
  • Library, with over 500 Children’s Book’s
  • Large, indoor gym for year-round play
  • Swimming pool coming in summer 2015
  • Soccer, T-ball and softball play during summer
  • Fun, educational, and exciting field trips
  • Developmental music classes
  • Ipad Lab with educational games
  • Every room equipped with Hatch Childcare toy’s and learning tools